My Story

Visionaries, creatives and inventors alike often see the finished work of a project prior to any stage of its existence. Their weakness, whether it be due to a lack of time, resources or ability, lies in the methodical steps required to see their vision realized. Our weaknesses are not reflections of faults within us, but reminders that we function best in the lane we are graced for. Understanding these things yields an immediate need for strategic partnership.


As an Event Planner, Raina embodies the hallmarks of the genteel South, coupling the tender subtleties of southern hospitality with the descriptive, and many times artistic, touches of elegantly mastered décor. She uses venues, churches, event spaces and many times the open outdoors to paint the vision articulated to her. Whether with minimal words and maximum expression or with a fully itemized and detailed list of instructions, she executes. This versatility has brought requests for her work before bridal parties, spouses planning special surprises as well as corporate executives for their next event.


As an Administrative Professional, Raina currently helps to build and train all staff in the Radiation and Oncology Department at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as the Administrative Coordinator of Education & Training. While receiving two promotions Raina continues her corporate climb in addition to obtaining her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management.


Raina is one who builds teams, garners support and structures chaos. Freeing you and your organization to function in the area by which you are graced, she is the unifying factor that sets the stage for your most memorable moments. Consider strategic partnership in positive change. 

Welcome to Bee The Admin. 

An administrative professional brings support and streamlines their team and organizations processes.

My Mission

Bee The Admin is an administrative solutions company that assist business leaders and  companies with all administrative tasks. Our services provide a methodized and innovative approach to completing task in a swift and sharp manner. We provide our clients with efficient, productive and dynamic administrative solutions by creating processes and utilizing resources that will take them from stress filled chaos to productive structure. We aim to provide organization, standardization, dedication and enthusiasm to all of our clients, whether in their business or personal life.